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Sporting California USA

To provide a World Class Soccer Program that develops World Class Players

“Sporting California USA stands on the shoulders of a rich soccer history, having evolved from the esteemed youth soccer program of Arsenal FC, which thrived for 35 years. Drawing inspiration from these illustrious traditions, Sporting California USA aims to build upon its legacy by pursuing excellence on all fronts. With ten National Championship trophies already in hand, the club is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent, producing more national team players to represent their respective countries. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the field, as we strive to guide players towards collegiate success, fostering both athletic and

academic achievements.”

                                                                                       -PJ Brown Sporting California USA Club Director


Sporting California USA players, coaches and staff have always been a source of INSPIRATION in youth soccer.

Formerly known as Arsenal FC and started in 1987 by soccer enthusiasts, Steve Lucey and Betty Williams, Sporting California USA has consistently shown DEDICATION to develop successful teams and world class players. With 10 National Championships, including 3 Nike Manchester United Championships, Sporting California USA has a history producing men and women to both the collegiate and the professional ranks of the game.

Taking the DETERMINATION they learned from Sporting California USA, former players like Carlos Bocanegra, Aaron Long and Paul Arriola have gone on to represent this club and their nation. 

With BELIEF and the drive to succeed, Sporting California USA is a leader within youth soccer throughout Southern California and nationwide. Participating in Elite Clubs Natioinal League, Elite Clubs Regional League, US Club Soccer and National Premier League West, Sporting California USA will continue its legacy of providing a world class soccer program, that develops world class players. 


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